Solar Photovoltaic

MHCC’s rooftop, 100 kilowatt, solar photovoltaic system was installed in 2008 by Honeywell International Inc. using State and Federal tax incentives and support from the Oregon Energy Trust. The expected output of the system is 101,300 kWhs per year, which is approximately 1% the Gresham Campus’ energy use. This clean energy production is equivalent to eliminating 173,520 pound of CO2 annually that would otherwise enter the atmosphere.  Over the course of the 20-year agreement, the CO2 reduction will total 3.5 million pounds – equivalent to the CO2 emissions from the electricity use in 200 typical homes for one year.

Faculty and students now have the ability to log on to the website dashboard for the photovoltaic solar array on our roof.  There are four logins, two for faculty and two for students. Below is the link to the web site and the login information needed to access the site.

The website address is: 

User Name:   Password:  
Faculty1 Faculty1
Faculty2 Faculty2
Student1 Student1
Student2 Student2
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