• Academic Planner

  • Timeline:

    Academic Planner is scheduled to be available for all students starting spring term, 2016. Select populations of students may be required to complete an academic plan before then.


    Q: What is Academic Planner?
    A: Academic Planner is a system through the MyMHCC Portal that will allow students to plan out their entire academic career at MHCC. Faculty and Academic Advisers will have instant access to students’ education plans and will be able to provide feedback and edits as needed.

    Q: Is Academic Planner required?
    A: Students who are receiving federal financial aid will be required to submit an academic plan. Students who are required to do so will be notified by Financial Aid in advance. Academic Plans will be sent to, and approved by your adviser over the portal. Once approved by a Faculty or Academic Adviser, these plans will be available for review by Financial Aid. These plans will take the place of hand-written education plans, and may not require an in person meeting.

    Q: When is Academic Planner coming?
    A: During winter term 2016, the college will be contacting the students via email who will be required to complete an academic plan. Academic Planner will be available to all students in spring 2016.

    Q: Why did MHCC implement Academic Planner?
    A: Academic Planner will help students plan out their degree more efficiently, which means taking fewer unnecessary credits and spending less money! Academic Planner also allows students to connect with their Academic / Faculty Adviser electronically and submit paperwork online – so no more waiting in line to turn in paperwork.

    Academic Planner Information Events:

    The Learning Success Center will be scheduling many hands-on events as part of their Success Series to help students with setting up and navigating Academic Planner. Please check their current events schedule here: mhcc.edu/SuccessSeriesEvents

    For Help:

    Check back for an online demo for how to use Academic Planner. Still have questions? Visit the Orientation Center for assistance.