Mt. Hood Facilities

At Mt. Hood you don’t get your run of the mill junior college facilities. Mt. Hood is home to some of the finest facilities of any college in the NWAACC and also boasts better facilities than many of the four year schools in the Northwest.

Sports Center

Players at Mt. Hood love the experience of getting to play in the 2,000 seat capacity gym, lovingly known as “The Dome” for its unique architectural design. Playing in The Dome gives Mt. Hood that true college basketball experience of playing in a large gym, rather than some small junior college gym that feels more like high school.

Basketball Court

ACT Workout Room Adjacent to the basketball courts are both the ACT (Aerobic Circuit Training) Workout Room as well as the Weight Room. The Weight room and ACT room are home to over 65 workout machines, 100 free weights, and 35 pieces of cardio equipment. With over 4,500 sq feet of space, the workout facilities at Mt. Hood are like having your own personal gym to use at a moments notice and with quality new equipment of every kind, you are sure to find plenty of machines and free weights to help you reach your athletic goals.

The Mt. Hood Women’s Basketball team has the privilege of a spacious and well equipped locker room. With large six foot wood lockers for each athlete, a computer with internet access, a printer, two large couches, and showers, the women’s basketball team never has to worry about having somewhere to hang out if they don’t feel like heading home between classes or before and after practice. The well lit locker room is a great place to socialize, study, or rest on any given day depending on what life has you doing next. Locker Room

Swimming Pool Feel like taking a swim? The Mt. Hood Aquatic Center is open to students who enjoy getting a great work out in the pool, while taking it easy on their joints which can take a pounding from running or get sore from lifting weights. With both an indoor and outdoor pool, there is always room to get a great workout in, followed by some relaxing time in the hot tub.

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