• CIS: Web Management and Mobile Apps Developer Curriculum

  • Associate of Applied of Applied Science Degree

    Catalog 2018-2019

    The Web Management / Mobile Apps option builds on the core CIS degree program to provide training in intermediate Web page creation, website management, entrepreneurship and client communications using current and proven techniques and taking advantage of current Web page software and technology. Students in this program will be exposed to current Web creation software, will create interactive websites using various scripting techniques, and produce dynamic sites using server-side programming and database products.

    Additionally, using software, curriculum, and textbooks provided by Apple, Corp., training as an Apple iOS Mobile Apps developer can propel students into the explosive mobile applications development industry.

    By using a blend of creative and programmatic techniques, students successfully completing this program should have access to Web creation careers as diverse as independent through intermediate Web programmer positions.

    Program Outcomes
    At the completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • Design and develop basic Apple-based iOS Mobile Applications suitable for a small business or personal deployment
    • Compare and contrast different designs to enhance User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for a variety of mobile and web site solutions
    • Analyze a client’s website needs and propose appropriate solutions
    • Design and defend a website concept
    • Create from scratch a typical small website specific to a particular need
    • Design and implement basic scripting code to add interactive functionality to a Web page
    • Design and implement a form to collect data and transmit it to a server or email
    • Analyze an existing web site and make recommendations for possible improvement
    • Create various imagery and graphical effects using current image manipulation software to enhance the presentation of a Web page
    • Understand advances in Web technology especially in social networking and how businesses can take advantage of new mobile business techniques
    • Design websites to accommodate the requirements and limitations of changing computing platforms
    • Design websites to take advantage of basic search engine optimization techniques
    First Quarter (Fall)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    CIS100 Career Exploration 1
    CIS125WP Word 3
    CIS195 Web Development I 3
    CIS197HTM Web Authoring: HTML5 and CSS3 3
    WR121 English Composition 4
    Second Quarter (Winter)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    CIS125SS Spreadsheets 3
    CIS197CSP Web Authoring Client Side Programming 3
    CIS197WAA Web Authoring: Applications 3
    ISTM183C Fundamentals of CyberSecurity 3
    MTH065 Beginning Algebra or Higher 4
    Health and Physical Education requirement‡ 3
    Third Quarter (Spring)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    CIS125DB Desktop Database 3
    ISTM140L Linux Fundamentals 4
    ISTM151N Preparation for Network+ 4
    Human Relations 3-4
    Fourth Quarter (Fall)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    CIS122 Computer Concepts III 4
    CIS244 Introduction to Systems Analysis 3
    CIS276 SQL 4

    Digital Art I or
    BA150 Developing a Small Business

    Fifth Quarter (Winter)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    BA267 Business Project Management or
    BA101 Introduction to Business
    ISTM235MA Mobile Apps 1: Introduction to iOS Mobile Applications Development 3

    Adobe Photoshop: Digital Art or
    Elective: BA150; BA250; or course not already in curriculum with prefix CIS, CS, or ISTM

    WE280CA Cooperative Education Internship 4
    Sixth Quarter (Spring)
    Course Number Course Title Credits

    Web Authoring: XML


    Web Development: Content Management Systems

    CIS297 Capstone Project Development 4

    Mobile Apps 2: Intermediate iOS Mobile Applications Development

    IM265 Personal Branding 2
    Total Credits: 91-95

    See Associate of Applied Science degree requirements.

    Students planning to transfer to a four-year school must consult with the institution they will be attending as well as work with a CIS faculty adviser. In all schedule planning, it is important for the student to check the course description for prerequisite information.