• Copyright and Licensing

  • Copyright law can be daunting but we have resources and librarians to help you understand the basics of the 5R’s, Attribution statements, and choose the best open license for your work. Contact Faculty Librarian Sergio.Lopez@mhcc.edu to get started!

    Creative Commons (CC)

    Creative Commons is a non-profit organization based in the United States that developed a series of specialized copyright licenses that grant varying levels of permission to modify and redistribute the creative work of others, while allowing the authors to retain copyright and protect the integrity of their creative work.

    Click here to learn more about each CC license.

    The MHCC TAT recommends a CC-BY License for all work produced by MHCC employees who want to share their work in a way that allows others to copy and custom tailor it to their own purposes. The CC-BY License is the most open of them all. Note: Check your contract to determine who has copyright over the creative work you produce at MHCC—only the copyright holder can put an open license on any given work.

    Ask your librarians for help! Sergio.Lopez@mhcc.edu

    The 5 R’s and Open Licensing Explained

    Dr. David Wiley is a leader in the field of OER and what he calls “Open Pedagogy.” He spoke at MHCC in November 2015 as part of an Open Oregon conference; watch his keynote here. In this talk he defined “Open” and the 5 R’s as follows:

    Open = Free + Permissions

    • Free & Unfettered Access (no special login required)
    • Perpetual & Irrevocable 5R’s

    The 5R’s

    5R's Chart

    1. Retain: make a copy and own legal rights to your copy
    2. Reuse: use your legal copy in a wide range of ways
    3. Revise: adapt, modify, and improve your copy)
    4. Remix: combine 2 or more OER resources
    5. Redistribute: share with others as much as you want

    …so they can Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute
    …ad infinitum

    Attribution Statement: a combination of a citation—give credit where credit due—and a specialized copyright license that allows for the 5R’s. This protects intellectual property while allowing the author to legally share his or her work openly with the world.

    " The 5 R’s and Open Licensing Explained" by Heather White, Mt. Hood Community College is licensed under CC BY 4.0 / A derivative from the original work.


    Contact Faculty Librarian Sergio.Lopez@mhcc.edu