• How Can I Receive Services?

  • The steps for applying for services through Disability Services includes: Submit your documentation to Disability Services. When you have the required documentation you can drop it by our office or you can fax it to us 503-491-7549. If you are unsure of what you need contact the Disability Services, 503-491-6923, or email us at dsoweb@mhcc.edu for information about applying for services.

    First Term in College

    • If this will be your first term in college and at Mt. Hood Community College you will need to apply for Admission to MHCC.
    • Submit your documentation.
    • Take the College Placement Test before your intake appointment in DSO. If you require special testing accommodations, contact the DSO at 503-491-6923 or email us at dsoweb@mhcc.edu in advance of taking the CPT to arrange your accommodations.

    Transfer Students

    If you have attended another college please bring a copy of the transcript from the college you attended to your intake appointment.

    Intake Appointment

    • Once Disability Services receives your documentation it is reviewed and approved by the DSO Coordinator we will contact you by phone and/or email to schedule an intake appointment.
    • The intake appointment has two parts. You will meet with the Program Adviser to review the Guide for Students with Disabilities and the procedure for using your accommodations. You will also, sign the Information Release Authorization and the Operational Guidelines forms. During this part of the appointment you can discuss your academic goals and register for classes.
    • After meeting with the Program Adviser you will meet with the Program Coordinator where you will discuss your accommodations that will help you to be a successful college student.

    Paying Tuition

    When you register for a class, you incur charges and are responsible for the payment of the class, whether or not you attend. Arrangements to pay for tuition, fees and books must be made by the first day of the quarter in which you are registered. Financial Aid can take up to 10-weeks to process. You apply for Financial Aid online through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).