• Employment Skills Training Curriculum

  • Less than One-Year Certificate

    Students must contact MHCC WorkSource Oregon staff, faculty adviser or academic adviser for assistance in developing the Employment Skills Training (EST).

    The Employment Skills Training Certificate provides flexibility for students who are seeking specific training for an occupational goal and job-entry preparation. ST certificates have the following components:

    • 12-44 credits
    • Minimum college prerequisites and/or industry proficiencies (see section minimum proficiencies)
    • Each pre-approved plan will target a specific occupational goal and job entry point in existing degree and certificate career/technical programs
    • Students can enroll at the beginning of any term during the year

    Minimum College Prerequisites or Industry Proficiencies:
    Students must demonstrate minimum skill prerequisites defined by college and/or industry standards, whichever is most applicable, beneficial to the student and academically sound. Industry standards are understood through consultation with employers, market information, career-technical advisory committee members and other data sources. Division deans have final authority over setting minimum prerequisites or industry proficiencies.

    Students must meet college prerequisites for all courses included in the approved plan.

    Occupational proficiency is defined specific to chosen occupations and industry standards.

    Planning a Curriculum - Creating a Certificate

    Before beginning a curriculum, students are required to have a pre-approved plan in place.
    An interview with an adviser or a faculty member with the career-technical department is required to determine the student’s career goals as they relate to employability and program content. All MHCC college-level courses are eligible to be included in the certificate. Developmental or basic education courses may not be included as part of the certificate.

    The curriculum plan is initiated when the student meets with an adviser and completes the Individual Student Plan form. The adviser then meets with the applicable division dean to review the plan. Plan contents are reviewed, amended and approved by the division dean. A copy of the approved plan is provided to the student, the adviser and the Admissions, Registration and Records office.

    Students must have an approved EST Individual Student Plan on file with the Admissions, Registration and Records office by the beginning of their final term and this will serve as the petition for certificate completion. It is the responsibility of the student to petition for the certificate. If the student does not complete the course of study after one year, the plan will be purged and the student will need to reinstate another plan.