• Engineering Technology Curriculum

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

    Catalog Year 2017-2018

    The Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Technology degree is designed specifically for students seeking a two-year degree that equips them for entry-level technician jobs in the engineering field. Engineering technicians work in support of engineers completing drawings, contributing to design or overseeing manufacturing/construction processes. Engineering is a technical profession that applies science and mathematics to design, manufacturing, construction, environmental management and sustainability. Engineering technicians provide a critical link between professional engineers and the craftspeople doing the work.

    Program Outcomes

    At the completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • Demonstrate technical expertise in a minimum of three subject areas chosen from: engineering materials, applied mechanics, applied fluid sciences and fundamentals of electricity
    • Use graphics software to enhance creativity and productivity in engineering design
    • Calculate loads and determine stresses and displacements in elementary structural and mechanical systems
    • Working in a team, apply technical expertise in creating a product from concept to working prototype
    • Conduct standardized field and laboratory testing on concrete and soils
    • Use both traditional and modern electronic surveying equipment 
    • Describe the ethical responsibilities of the engineering profession
    • Describe sustainability in engineering and how it impacts products, business and communities

    • First Quarter (Fall)
      Course Number Course Title Credits
      GE101 Engineering Orientation 4
      MEC110 Manual Machines 3
      MEC115 Print Reading 2

      Intermediate Algebra with Right Angle Trigonometry

      CIS120L Computer Concepts Lab I 1
      Second Quarter (Winter)
      Course Number Course Title Credits
      GE115 Engineering Graphics 3
      ET120 Engineering Problem Solving 4
      ET221 Statics 4
      MTH111 Pre-Calculus I: Elementary Functions 5
      Third Quarter (Spring)
      Course Number Course Title Credits
      ENGR248 Engineering Graphics: Solidworks
      Or ET150 Plane Surveying
      ET231 Basic Strengths of Materials 4
      WR121 English Composition 4
      HPE295 Health & Fitness for Life 3
      Fourth Quarter (Fall)
      Course Number Course Title Credits
      ET222 Fluid Mechanics 3
      MEC131 AC/DC Electrical Systems 2
      ET227 Engineering Project Management 4
      Related Elective* 4-5
      Fifth Quarter (Winter)
      Course Number Course Title Credits
      ET266 Concrete and Soil Technology 4
      ET210 Sustainable Engineering 3

      Introduction to Hydraulics                                                  
      Or FT228 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

      ET270 Intro to Thermodynamics 4

      Age of Technology: Ethics in the Workplace
      Or other Human Relations course**

      Sixth Quarter (Spring)
      Course Number Course Title Credits
      ET263 Structural Design 4
      ET250 Project Design II 4

      Advanced Solidworks
      OR FT221 Aerial Photo Interpretation and GPS

      WR227 Technical Report Writing 4
      Total Credits 90-93

    *Related Electives include: CH104, CH151, COMM111, G201, GS104, GS106, PH201, WE280ET

    ** See Associate of Applied Science degree requirements.