• Faculty Support

  • There are many services across campus ready and willing to support MHCC faculty who want to implement textbook affordability measures.

    Faculty Know What’s Best for Their Students

    Publishers see our students as sources of profit. Their first priority is NOT to ensure students are getting access to the highest quality course curricula, though they certainly market it that way. Faculty should decide what lesson plans are most efficient for teaching their students.

    Why not use high quality course materials that students can have online for free, print-on-demand at cost, access forever, and can be custom tailored to their unique learning needs, however much or little the instructor wants, term to term? MHCC Faculty can:

    • Work with a librarian to find OER that meets or exceeds the content quality of your existing textbooks (email Sergio.Lopez@mhcc.edu to get started)
    • Use existing OER textbooks
    • Pick, choose, mix and match OER course content to build a custom tailored text book for your class
    • Apply for grants of release time and stipends to write OER content and publish under CreativeCommons licenses
    • Create OER for a sabbatical project
    • Volunteer your time and expertise to the cause
    • Get paid a stipend to peer-review OER content in regional and national programs

    Not sure where to begin?

    Start with the Faculty Start-Up Checklist page!

    Still not sure? Contact TAT Co-Leads David.Pontious@mhcc.edu or Heather.White@mhcc.edu!

    TLC, Teaching and Learning Center

    Looking for grants, stipends? Want to talk to someone about OER, Open Pedagogy, or best practices with Textbook Affordability Initiatives and curriculum redesign? Contact David.Pontious@mhcc.edu!


    Need help finding OER or library resources to supplement your course materials? Confused about Copyright issues? Contact Sergio.Lopez@mhcc.edu

    The MHCC Library already has a plethora of proprietary, scholarly resources that feel FREE to MHCC students--they've already paid for access by virtue of their tuition payments, so there's no extra payment. Utilizing library resources as course materials gives students more bang for their buck, and it makes your librarians happy!

    • If you are looking to replace whole textbooks with free resources, then OER is probably the way to go.
    • If you are looking for supplementary learning materials like articles or reading lists, then very likely the library already has what you need.

    In either case, it's just a matter of finding these resources and that's what librarians are for! Contact Sergio.Lopez@mhcc.edu!


    Intending to use OER or low-cost/no-cost course text? Want copies of low-cost/OER texts on the shelves for your students? Contact Michelle.Perry@mhcc.edu!

    The bookstore staff are available to help instructors make wise decisions for their students as they navigate the complicated marketplace of textbook publishing companies. We are partnering with the Library and Online Learning departments to support OER implementation across campus as well.

    • For traditional publishers, generally we recommend instructors look at what students will end up paying, particularly any "Access Codes" to supplementary online content that can cost as much as $100 extra.
    • For OER textbooks, we recommend you work with the Library to find the best content to meet your curricular needs, and then we can figure out pricing for print on demand of these otherwise online resources.
    • We have several Textbook Affordability programs described below as well.

    Contact Julie.Godat@mhcc.edu for more information!

    Online Learning

    Wondering how to incorporate OER into your online classes? Contact Cat.Schleichert@mhcc.edu!

    Disability Services Office (ADA Compliance)

    Want to make sure your OER course materials are ADA Compliant? Contact the Disability Services Office team at dso@mhcc.edu!

    Mt. Hood Community College, in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, as amended, is committed to maintaining practices, services, programs, and activities that provide equity and access to qualified individuals with disabilities. This includes delivery of on-line services and materials in accessible electronic format from the point of development, including Open Educational Resources (OER). Individuals with disabilities need to be able to independently acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same benefits and services within the same timeframe as nondisabled individuals with substantially equivalent ease of use.
    ~Adapted from MHCC’s Board Policy 1100 for purposes of integrating Open Educational Resources with MHCC curricula

    The Disability Services Office can also be reached by phone at 503-491-6923