• International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

  • The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a demanding pre-college course of study that leads to examinations. College credit can be earned in English Composition, first and second year foreign language, history, economics, geography, psychology, biology, physics, chemistry, theatre arts and general electives. A complete list of MHCC courses satisfied by International Baccalaureate examinations is listed below.

    Students must indicate that they would like official IB test scores sent to MHCC Admissions and Records Office.

    EXAM Standard Level Exam (Score of 5, 6 or 7) MHCC Course
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    EmHigh Level Exam
    (Score of
    5, 6 or 7) ail
    MHCC Course Number(s)
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    MHCC Credit Awarded MHCC Credit Awarded
    Lang A:English 4 WR121 12 WR121, 122 ENG104
    Lang A:Not English 4 Second Year Language 12 Second Year Language
    Lang B 4 First Year Language 15 First Year Language
    History of Americas N/A N/A 12 HST201, 202, 203
    Economics 4 EC201 8 EC201, 202
    Geography 3 GEOG105 6 GEOG105, 106
    Psychology 4 PSY201 8 PSY201, 202
    Math Studies 4 MTH105 N/A N/A
    Biology 5 BI211 15 BI211, 212, 213
    Physics 5 PH201 15 PH201, 202, 203
    Chemistry 5 CH221 15 CH221, 222, 223
    Art 4 Lower Division Elective Credit 9 Lower Division Elective Credit
    Music 4 Lower Division Elective credit 8 Lower Division Elective credit
    Theater Arts 3 TA106 3 TA106