• Integrated Media Curriculum

  • Media and technology impact every industry and profession. It is the interrelationship between media and technology that is at the heart of MHCC's Integrated Media program. Our majors span four discipline areas: Broadcasting, Graphic Design, Photography and Video. Our focus is not just on careers anchored in the digital arts, but also on providing an education that is a synthesis of cutting-edge technology, creative mastery and critical thinking. Students further polish their skills by taking advantage of one of the many for-credit internships available at regional production houses, studios and agencies. Students who complete an Associate of Applied Science degree can continue their education at a four-year university or seek immediate employment. The region’s demand for creative talent has offered jobs and internship opportunities at a diverse range of companies including Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Laika and locally produced television series.

    Please see the program area descriptions for the Integrated Media degrees below for more details.

    Admission Requirements

    Students must have a current record on file and meet prerequisite levels in reading, writing and mathematics. Prerequisites can be met by scoring into MTH058 or MTH060, WR115 and RD115 on the MHCC College Placement Test (CPT), the Smarter Balanced Assessment or GED. Prerequisites can also be satisfied by completing MTH020, WR090 and RD090 (or equivalent transfer courses demonstrated through official transcripts on file at MHCC).

    Call 503-491-7591 for information on determining your course placement.


    Students can simply register on a first come, first served basis for fall term in late May when the open registration period begins. Wait lists will be established for each option as the courses fill to capacity. Each Integrated Media program starts in fall term only.

    Requirement for Continuing into Winter Term

    Students must have the consent of their IM program adviser and meet the proficiencies of the program classes to continue into the second term of Integrated Media courses. Students will be provided with clear performance expectations when classes start in September.

    For more information, please contact an Integrated Media faculty adviser or visit mhcc.edu/IntegratedMedia.