• Install full Microsoft Office for FREE

  • How to download Microsoft Office:

    Remove Older Version of MS Office (in Windows 10)

    If you have another version of Microsoft Office on your Windows computer, you’ll need to remove it. If you have no other versions of MS Office on your computer, you can skip ahead to the install section.

    1. In Windows 10 click the “Start” button and choose “Settings”.
    2. Then, choose “System”.
    3. Next, choose “Apps (just another word for programs) & features”. Scroll down to find Microsoft Office or Get Office. Click the program and an “Uninstall” button will appear.
    4. Once, you’ve uninstalled, restart your computer.

    Install MS Office on PC or Mac

    1. Open a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
    2. Log on to your Saints email account.
      If you are a student go to mhcc.edu website, “Current Students”, and “Saints Email”.
      If you are a staff member go to portal.office.com. Login with your shortened (last and first initial) username@mhcc.edu and password.
    3. Click the “Settings” icon in your email (upper right).   Settings
    4. Under “Your app settings”, select “Office 365”.
    5. Click “Software”.
    6. You’ve reached the full MS Office 365 ProPlus (the PC version with 2016 apps is shown below).

      Mac users can skip down to Notes for Mac Users heading.


      Review system requirements. There are options to install 32 or 64-bit versions on your computer (32-bit will be best for compatibility. Read through info about the versions if you are thinking of choosing 64-bit). On the left you’re also able to choose software options such as Phone & Tablet. The Phone and Tablet versions are good and useful, but just know they’re online “lite” versions of MS Office software, which don’t include all the features of the MS Office you would install on a laptop or desktop computer.
    7. Click Install button.
    8. When prompted to enter an email or upon opening an Office app for the first time, type your Saints email and password for free access to Microsoft Office.
      If a MS Office program is logged in under a personal email (which may cause you to receive reminders to pay), you can go to the “File” ribbon and choose “Account”. Sign out of personal email and sign in using your Saints email and password (or staff account email and password as mentioned previously).

    Notes for Mac Users

    The Office 2016 Mac version only includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook (most notable is the absence of Access and Publisher).

    For Mac users if you have enough drive space, you may continue installing Office 2016 in addition to Office 2011, as the two suites will work independently of each other. Manual uninstall of Office 2011 is unfortunately a laborious process to remove all the MS Office parts, but it’s recommended to Google for help if you wish to uninstall the older version.

    Once you click install, the large Office suite may take a while to download, ending up in the Downloads folder. From the Finder you can press COMMAND + OPTION + L to open this folder. Then, double-click the most recent file in the Downloads folder, and begin the installation process.

    SimNet users: PC users are able to download Office 2016, but only the MS Office 2016 PC version works fully with SimNet, which is used for computer instruction for our MHCC Business Technology classes. Mac users taking Business Technology classes could purchase Parallels and Windows software to emulate a PC, but this option can be costly.


    Tip: If you see the following screen when signing in, be sure to select “Work account”.

    Work Account

    Need assistance setting up Microsoft Office on your laptop or home computer? Stop by AC3333 lab above the library, or call 503-491-7144.