Access Fee FAQs

Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) will begin charging an access fee during registration for summer term 2012. Please read the following for more information.

  1. What is the access fee?
    The access fee provides for safety and security at all MHCC sites and includes subsidies to encourage use of public transportation.

  2. When will the access fee go into effect?
    The access fee will go into effect on the first day of summer registration, May 11, 2012.

  3. How much is the access fee?
    The access fee is $35 for each term a student is enrolled in at least one credit class.

  4. How often will students be charged the access fee?
    Students will be charged the access fee each term in which they are enrolled in credit classes, regardless of the number of credits, location of the classes or whether the class is on-campus or online (Distance Learning).

  5. Will students be charged the access fee for each summer term session in which they are enrolled?
    Students will be charged the $35 access fee once for summer term, even if they register for multiple sessions.

  6. May students’ financial aid be used to pay the access fee?
    Yes, financial aid may be used to pay the access fee.

  7. Will College employees and visitors be expected to pay the access fee?
    Yes, if a College employee or visitor enrolls in a credit class, he or she will be assessed the access fee.

  8. Will employees who are enrolled in an exercise class as part of their wellness benefit be expected to pay the access fee?
    Yes, if an employee is enrolled in a credit class for wellness, he or she will be charged the access fee.

  9. Why is the College starting an access fee?
    The College is ending the parking fee and adopting an access fee for a number of reasons.

    • Rather than going through a separate parking permit fee process, students will pay the access fee as part of registration. The access fee will be more convenient than the previous system that required parking permits.

    • The access fee will help reduce the College’s budget shortfall. The $35 per term access fee is expected to raise substantially more revenue than the parking permit system.

  10. How will funds from the access fee be used?
    It is expected that a portion of the revenue will go to increased security presence and surveillance cameras in parking areas. Also, revenue from the access fee will be used to subsidize the sale of discounted TriMet passes in the Campus Bookstore and to purchase additional bike racks. MHCC
    is working with Associated Student Government (ASG) on a program that may bring rental bikes to campus.

  11. What will happen to the parking signs and kiosks that were installed when the College began the parking permit system?
    The parking signs will be re-designed and re-purposed as directional signage as part of the wayfinding project, a system that will help people find their way from the street to the parking lots, to the buildings and to their destinations. The two parking permit kiosks that house the permit machines are wired for electricity and may be re-purposed as illuminated signage. The College will evaluate resale options for the two permit machines that have been used for day-use parking permits.
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