• Statewide Initiatives

  • There are many regional OER initiatives happening throughout Oregon, including grant programs, legislative mandates for course labelings, and plenty of email listservs to connect with your colleagues.

    HECC: Higher Education Coordinating Commission of Oregon approved House Bill 2871 with an effective date of July 20, 2015.

    Download the full text of HB2871 here.

    Through this bill, Oregon Legislators allocated $700,000 for the biennium starting July 1, 2015 to be used for:

    • grant funding to faculty at universities and community colleges across the state to produce OER curriculum that can be used statewide
    • the creation of a HECC OER Specialist position charged with facilitating this grant program

    Mandatory Course Designation in MHCC Course Schedule

    Section 4 of HB2871 establishes a state-wide mandate that all publicly funded universities and community colleges clearly label which courses use OER or low-cost/no-cost course texts so students—Oregon tax payers—can be informed consumers when choosing which courses they enroll in.

    HB2871 SECTION 4. Each public university listed in ORS 352.002 and community college shall prominently designate courses whose course materials exclusively consist of open or free textbooks or other low-cost or no-cost course materials. The course designation required by this section must appear in the published course descriptions that are on the Internet or are otherwise provided to students at the time of course registration, including on the campus bookstore course materials list that is provided for the course.

    The TAT is working with Instructional Services, IT and the MHCC Bookstore to implement these course designations. This will take the form of a note next to the Course Section in both the online Course Schedule the bookstore’s textbook listing page.

    Open Oregon

    Open Oregon Educational Resources helps coordinate OER efforts at Oregon's 17 community colleges. Activities include tracking textbook savings efforts on the Open Oregon Resources page, professional development through in-person and online trainings, and managing grant programs for faculty to review, adopt, adapt, and create open educational resources. Funding comes from the Community College & Workforce Development Office via the Oregon Community College Distance Learning Association.

    Sign up for the Open Oregon email Listserv here