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  • Our dedicated advisers and administrative staff are committed to empowering students and families to achieve their college dreams.

    Erik Ruch

    Erik Ruch, M.S.
    Advisor, TRIO College First
    David Douglas High, Parkrose High, Ron Russell Middle
    Office: 503.491.6053
    Fax: 503.491.6077
    Email: erik.ruch@mhcc.edu
    "Nine-tenths of education is encouragement" - Anatole France

    I was a first-generation college student that struggled through much of my time in K-12. For that reason I am dedicated to the academic development and success of the students I work with at Ron Russell Middle School and David Douglas High School. I eventually attained a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership & Policy from Portland State University. My interests include storytelling, drawing, listening to music of many different kinds, and meditation. The goal of my work with students is to foster the conditions that will help them graduate from high school, work towards their dreams, and realize their full potential.

    Roseann Rivera

    Roseann N. Rivera, M.S.
    Co-Chair, Oregon TRIO Association--PDC
    Advisor, TRIO College First
    Gresham High, Centennial High, Centennial Middle
    Office: 503.491.6014
    Fax: 503.491.6077
    Email: roseann.rivera@mhcc.edu

    Mrs. Rivera is the TRIO College First, Program Adviser at Mt. Hood Community College. She serves both Centennial and Gresham-Barlow School District. In her role as a Program Adviser, Mrs. Rivera works diligently to examine student development and the changes necessary to increase the number of youth from underprivileged backgrounds into higher education.

    Additionally, Mrs. Rivera is the 2014-15, Co-Chair for the 3rd Annual Oregon TRIO Association Professional Development Conference. This particular conference promotes training to educators on cultivating college access and success, specifically, for Black and Latino students, first-generation students, and students with disabilities.

    Born and raised near Oakland, CA-- Mrs. Rivera is no stranger to the underpinning, and multidimensional systems that marginalize underrepresented communities. As the first member of her family to graduate high school, and pursue a higher education, Mrs. Rivera understands the limitless opportunities having a college degree can provide.

    Mrs. Rivera holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and a concentrated specialization in Policy and Government Relations. In her most recent quest to break the cyclical cycle of poverty, Mrs. Rivera is a prospective researcher in the direction of a doctoral degree that will focus on the complexities of systemic issues that impact educational advancement for underrepresented communities.

    "Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings." ~Nelson Mandela

    Sharon Juenemann

    Sharon Juenemann.
    Director, TRIO College First
    Office: 503.491.7590
    Fax: 503.491.6077
    Email: Sharon.Juenemann@mhcc.edu

    I believe in the potential of every student to achieve greatness. I have worked for Mt. Hood Community College for over twenty years, in roles ranging from ESL teacher to tutoring program manager. I am so proud to work for a program like TRIO, which supports our students, their families, and our schools in East Multnomah County. I particularly want to invite the parents of our kids to reach out to me as a resource. I understand how confusing it can be for parents to help their kids navigate the college process. Please contact me if you have any questions about our program, and how we can help your children succeed and achieve their dreams!