• Meet our Staff

  • Eric Juenemann
    Program Director

    Bio: I have worked at Mt. Hood Community College for nearly fifteen years, nine of which have been for the TRIO-SSS program. I have a passion for working with the traditionally underserved and underrepresented students served by TRIO-SSS as they strive to transform their lives for themselves and future generations of their families through higher education. I love my job!

    One interesting thing about me: I love baseball, and specifically the Los Angeles Dodgers. I collect Dodger memorabilia, and have a personal goal of visiting every Major League Baseball stadium during my lifetime. I have a long ways to go still.
    Education: Bachelor of Arts, Geography, Portland State University; Master of Education, Adult Education and Training, Oregon State University

    Nicci Harwood
    Adviser and Retention Coordinator

    Bio: I was a first-generation college student who grew up in Eugene, Oregon. I believe that education is the key to people discovering and achieving their dreams. My professional commitment is to assist students in finding their path and designing a plan that will allow them to reach their goals. I am dedicated to seeing first-generation and non-traditional students earn degrees, transform their lives and change their futures.
    One interesting thing about me:

    I love animals! So much that I have adopted a manatee through Save The Manatee Club for the past 19 years.
    Education: Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, PSU; Master of Science, Education Policy, Foundations & Administration, Portland State University

    RoseAnn Kennett
    Academic Adviser

    Bio: I was a first generation college student and raised by immigrant parents In Philadelphia PA. In the culture of my ancestry, women were discouraged from attending college. I went to college anyway; after living, working, and traveling in Europe, Central America, the Middle East, India and many US states, I finally settled in Oregon, my husband’s birthplace, to raise our family. I have worked in higher education over 15 years, 6 of them at MHCC. My passion is to help my students discover their passions and assist them in reaching their dreams.

    One interesting thing about me:
    I have worked with high school and college students in several overseas projects that connect service and peace.
    Education: BSW, West Chester State University, PA; Certified Life Coach; Certified Appreciative Adviser

    Mary Redfield
    Office Assistant

    Bio: I was born in Portland Oregon to a single, low income mom. My 1st job while in high school was at Pacific NW Bell in Customer Service, and that became the focus in my career. My experience being raised in an uneducated household motivated me to make sure my children were exposed to a better life through education. All three have at least a BA and one a Masters. I have 10 years’ experience working in TRIO, and I feel deeply about helping all students succeed in life no matter what kind of background they may have come from. My outgoing personality helps me communicate with students involved in the TRIO program and support them in any way I can, even keeping food in my desk for those in need.

    One interesting thing about me:
    Unlike most females, I don’t like chocolate. I love to volunteer and do it weekly at a local food bank.
    Education: HS diploma and many Customer Service seminars

    Sarah Aimone
    Learning Specialist