• Discover the Secret Lives of Stars at MHCC’s Astronomical Alumni Mixer

    On Thursday, April 4, Mt. Hood Community College alumni are invited to a special planetarium show, titled “The Fates of Unstable Stars,” hosted by MHCC Planetarium Director Pat Hanrahan.

    During the show, Hanrahan will present on what happens to dying stars and the strange objects and elements they often leave behind when they finally blink out. He’ll also discuss how planetarium technology has changed since the college campus was built in the 1960s and show close-up images of the planets and our current night sky. Attendees are welcome to ask questions during this live presentation.

    Are you an MHCC alumni interested in attending the show? Bring a guest and enjoy complimentary hors d'oeuvres and beverages in the student union before heading to the planetarium for this special presentation. Register online by April 1 at https://stellaralumni.eventbrite.com.

    Questions? Contact Nataly Paoli at nataly.paoli@mhcc.edu or 503-491-7230.

    Alumni Mixer
    If you search to the lower left of Orion, you will find a large, unstable star that has erupted, resulting in a large plasma cloud around it. This star and its surrounding nebula is called Thor’s Helmet. Eventually, the star will collapse and form a supernova, and its light will outshine most of the stars around it.