• Tokyo University to Send Study Abroad Students to MHCC

    A recently signed agreement by Mt. Hood Community College, Tokyo Seitoku University in Tokyo, and the ELS Language Center at Concordia University will bring up to 20 study abroad students from Japan to the Portland area each year. The first cohort of students, undergraduates from Tokyo Seitoku University, will arrive in Oregon in fall 2019.

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    The recently finalized agreement provides a bridge between the private Tokyo-based university, MHCC and the ELS Language Center. The agreement will allow a new cohort from Tokyo Seitoku University to study in Oregon every year. The students will spend their first two terms studying English at the ELS Language Center before transferring to MHCC for college-level courses during spring term.

    “We’re excited about being included in this continuous study abroad opportunity,” said Janine Shockley, MHCC’s International Student Program (ISP) coordinator. “Each year, we’ll welcome new international students, providing a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange amongst the visiting students, our campus and the local community.”

    Located in the Tokyo-based municipality of Kita, Tokyo Seitoku University was founded in 1993.

    MHCC also maintains a long-standing partnership with Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan, in which Japanese students study English at MHCC every winter and MHCC students visit Japan every other summer. The MHCC ISP, housed on the Gresham campus, also supports some 60-plus students from around the world, who attend the college on F1 visas.

    You can learn more about the MHCC ISP by visiting mhcc.edu/InternationalStudents

    Janine Shockley (green shirt) with students from MHCC's International Student Program..