• Community College Month MHCC Board of Directors Resolution

    Whereas, The Board of Directors for Mt. Hood Community College is pleased to honor and salute the 17 community colleges in Oregon, in recognition of April 2021 as Oregon Community College Month; and,

    Whereas, Community College Month is an appropriate time to acknowledge community colleges and the important contributions they make to the richness and accessibility of higher education in the United States; and,

    Whereas, Mt. Hood Community College enrolls over 21,000 students and grants nearly 2,000 certificates and degrees each year; and

    Whereas, The strength and success of the State of Oregon, the vitality of its communities, and the effectiveness of our American society depend, in great measure, upon community colleges; and

    Whereas, The ability of Oregon’s economy and communities to recover from the devastation of COVID-19, wildfires and other disasters that have wreaked havoc upon our state, relies upon the upskilling and reskilling of the state’s workforce through community colleges; and,

    Whereas, It is altogether proper and fitting for this Board of Directors to pause and recognize the 17 Oregon community colleges to affirm their importance to the citizens of this State; now, therefore,

    Be it resolved by the Board of Directors for Mt. Hood Community College:
    That this Board of Directors hereby commends the 17 Oregon community colleges, pays tribute to the meritorious efforts of Mt. Hood Community College, and declare the month of April 2021 “Community College Month.”