• De-paving Event at MHCC to Temporary Close Several Parking Spaces

    Mt. Hood Community College is honored to be the first Salmon Safe community college in the nation. In order to better protect Beaver and Kelly Creeks and the endangered salmon that live there, the college will be breaking ground in parking lots E, F, G and H to install rain gardens to filter the polluted runoff that currently runs untreated into the creeks.

    Only seven parking spaces will be permanently affected by the construction, although there will be periods of activity that will affect several spaces around these sites during the remainder of the spring term. Primary construction to install rain gardens will begin after graduation (in late June or July). Please plan accordingly and remember there is ample parking on the east side of campus. For a map of the Gresham campus, visit www.mhcc.edu/GreshamCampusMaps.

    Volunteers are needed on Saturday, May 19, to kick off the first of the Salmon-Safe projects with a people-powered de-paving event to remove the first strips of asphalt where rain gardens will be installed over the course of the summer and fall.

    What: Parking lot construction in sections of E, F, G, H off of the main entrance to campus.
    When: Starting Thursday, May 17. Primary construction will begin late June.
    Why: To filter polluted parking lot runoff through rain gardens before it flows into the Beaver Creek where endangered salmon live.

    This is a historic transformation, and YOU can get involved!
    Saturday, May 19, 8:45 – 1 p.m., you can volunteer for a de-pave
    work party to remove the first slabs of pavement.
    Register here: http://bit.ly/DepaveRegistration
    And Share it here: http://bit.ly/DepaveEventPage

    For more information on the project, visit: sandyriver.org/projects/depave
    Or contact sara@sandyriver.org,971-325-4224

    This project is funded by: Metro, City of Gresham, East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, Spirit Mountain Community Fund, and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

    Project partners include: Sandy River Watershed Council and Depave

    Depave Impacted Areas
    The de-paving activities will temporary close several parking spaces (in yellow) around campus.