• May Website Updates

    We are entering a new phase of the website redesign/CMS implementation project in May. The design and navigation phase is complete and now work is being done college-wide on revamping content and getting the content templates out of the design phase and ready for implementation. This phase is complex and will take a collective, college-wide effort and we thank you in advance for all of your hard work on this project. See below what has been completed, what resources are available, and next phases.

    • We have a new intranet page with all the resources our web editors and collaborators will need including FAQs, links to helpful resources, and training recordings. Visit the intranet site for answers to your questions.
    • Our project partner MAC has delivered our design templates and our IT Applications team has now started building out the structure of our new web pages.
    • All of our web editors and collaborators received training and supporting documentation on the MHCC brand and content writing for our student audience and work has begun to ensure all our content is as up-to-date and accessible as possible.
    • We have agreed to a redesign of the structure of our course content to fall into a smaller group of “major buckets,” mirroring the structure in the course catalog and making information easier to find.

    If you have any questions, please contact IT Project Manager Chris Stephens or AVP of Marketing and Communications Megan Nugent.