• MHCC Fisheries Club Becomes Fisheries Society Student Subunit

    Mt. Hood Community College can now boast of another first-in-the-nation achievement: the first fisheries club at a community college to become a student subunit of the American Fisheries Society (AFS).

    Earlier this year, Anthony Pedro, president of MHCC’s Fisheries Student Club, and his colleagues in the club received the notice that they were approved for a student subunit.

    “The greatest advantage to becoming a subunit is belonging to a network of working professionals from around Oregon and beyond,” explained Pedro. “And they want to help us, by offering career advice, providing resources, and encouraging us to succeed in this field.”

    Pedro founded MHCC’s Fisheries club – now a student subunit of the AFS and Oregon AFS – in the spring of 2017. He said the distinction also helps to recognize MHCC as an important fisheries training school, thus encouraging fisheries employers to look at the college more to fill their staffing needs. The club currently has around 15 members.

    After graduating in June, Pedro will work for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on the Columbia River White Sturgeon Project. It was the training at MHCC that helped prepare him for this new career.

    “I’ve enjoyed the hands-on learning we’ve received in the Fisheries Technology program here at MHCC,” said Pedro. “That, coupled with the fieldwork and visits to hatcheries and other locations across Washington and Oregon, have provided me with important industry experience.”

    Interested in a career in Fisheries Technology? Learn more at mhcc.edu/Fisheries

    The members of the MHCC Fisheries Student Subunit of ORAFS.