• New Academic Degrees, Certificates Coming to MHCC in 2017-18

    Fall term at Mt. Hood Community College kicks off Monday, Sept. 25, and this year the college will offer a number of new degree and certificate programs. New MHCC programs cover the gamut, from health professions and theater arts to engineering and physical education. Many of them begin offering classes this fall.


    Mechatronics 001
    Mechatronics instructor John Dryden operates
    one of the college's new robotic arms.
    • Associate of Applied Science, Mechatronics
    • Industrial Automation Career Pathway Certificate of Completion
    • Certified Maintenance Technician CPCC

    MHCC established its Mechatronics program in 2017 to meet a growing industrial demand for workers trained in procuring, installing and maintaining advanced automation technologies. Mechatronics refers to the repair and maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems used by manufacturers and other industrial organizations to complete complicated tasks, like creating a silicon microchip, building a car, or processing and packaging food. Program graduates can work in any industry that utilizes electrical and mechanical equipment to do business. Potential occupations include robotics and automation technicians, machinery maintenance workers, and electrical/electronic equipment assemblers.

    Boeing, Microchip Technology, On Semiconductor, Leatherman Tools, Teeny Foods and Cascade Corp. were among the regional companies that partnered with MHCC in the creation of the Mechatronics program. The college remodeled two classrooms for its Mechatronics lab and purchased new equipment, including robotic arms and Amatrol training workstations. In addition, MHCC Foundation pledged $300,000 – the largest individual gift from the foundation to date – to the Mechatronics program.

    The six-term Mechatronics program is a restricted-entry program. Learn more at mhcc.edu/Mechatronics.

    Theatre Arts Technician

    Theatre Arts Technician 001
    The new theatre arts technician degree and
    certificate teaches makeup artistry and
    other theater production skills.
    • Associate of Applied Science, Theatre Arts Professional Technician
    • Technical Theatre Career Pathway Certificate of Completion

    The new Associate of Applied Science in professional theatre technician degree program will prepare students to work and specialize in a wide range of behind-the-scenes theatre operations, including scenery design and construction, lighting, sound, costume, makeup and stage management. The curriculum for the degree covers both applied skills, including communication, writing and math, and technical knowledge, such as makeup and costuming, scene design, CAD modeling, and lighting design. Each semester of the program, students will also work on at least one live theatre production at MHCC.

    Program graduates can directly enter the workforce into positions like set designer, sound engineer, lighting technician, carpenter, stage manager, costume designer and hair/makeup artist. Graduates can also work on a range of production types, including live theatre, television and film, conferences and events, amusement and theme park attractions, casino and cruise ship shows, commercial shoots, and sporting events. Students in the theatre tech program can pursue opportunities with program partners, among them the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees.

    Learn more about the degree at mhcc.edu/ProfessionalTheatreTechnicianCurriculum/. For certificate information, visit mhcc.edu/TechnicalTheatreCurriculum/

    Engineering Technology

    Engineering Technology
    While earning a degree in engineering from MHCC,
    students learn how to operate surveying equipment.
    • Engineering Technology Associate of Applied Science
    • Engineering Associate of Science transfer degree

    MHCC’s new A.A.S. in engineering technology provides students the training and education necessary to work as engineering technicians upon completing the two-year degree. Engineering techs support professional engineers by completing technical drawings, contributing to designs, and/or overseeing manufacturing and construction processes. They often serve as intermediaries between engineers and the craftspeople responsible for building or constructing the final products. The degree includes elective choices for mechanical and civil engineering technology.

    The 90-93 credit engineering technology degree combines the training and curriculum from MHCC’s previous engineering technology degrees in civil engineering, civil environmental engineering, architectural engineering, and mechanical engineering. While earning the degree, students will learn to: operate traditional and modern surveying equipment; apply technical expertise in mechanics, engineering materials, and applied fluid sciences; and conduct field and laboratory testing on concrete and soils.

    MHCC offers its engineering transfer degree for students wanting to transfer to a four-year engineering program. The transfer program satisfies engineering prerequisites at several schools, including Oregon State University and Portland State University. Classes for both degrees are available this fall. You can learn more at mhcc.edu/EngineeringTechnology and mhcc.edu/EngineeringTransfer

    Fitness Technology

    Fitness Technology 001
    Health and physical education instructor Matt Hart
    measures a student's bicep while demonstrating
    skills that students in the Fitness Technology
    certificate program will learn.
    • Less-than One-year Fitness Technology Certificate

    One of MHCC’s newest certificate programs aims at helping students achieve good-paying careers in the health and fitness sector and at preparing them to earn an industry leading credential from a national certifying body. The 40-credit, three-term certificate program combines applied training and classroom-based study to prepare students to directly enter the workforce as personal trainers, fitness trainers and instructors, health coaches, strength and conditioning coaches and group exercise instructors.

    The Fitness Technology Certificate will also prepare students to earn the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Training Certificate. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies-accredited NASM certificate is one of the most sought-after designations for personal trainers. The Fitness Technology Certificate will satisfy several core requirements for the Associate of Science in physical education/exercise and sport science should students decide to pursue this two-year degree at MHCC.

    For more information, visit mhcc.edu/FitnessTechnologyCertificate/

    Medical Office Assistant (classes begin Spring 2018)

    Medical Office Assistant 001
    The Medical Assistant certificate trains students
    in front-office skills and back-office
    patient care.
    • Less-than One-year Medical Assistant Certificate

    MHCC’s Health Professions division will soon offer a Medical Assistant certificate aimed at preparing graduates to work in ambulatory or outpatient care settings. Students enrolled in the three-term certificate program will learn front-office skills, such as billing, scheduling appointments, and managing medical records, and back-office skills providing direct patient care, such as gathering patient history, measuring vital signs, and drawing blood.

    The first classes for the certificate program begin Spring Term 2018. To complete the Medical Assistant certificate, students must earn 36 credits and shadow a medical assistant working in a clinical setting. Graduates of the program can choose to sit for the American Association of Medical Assistant’s national accreditation test, the Certified Medical Assistant Exam.

    Learn more about this restricted-entry program by visiting mhcc.edu/MedicalAssistant/

    Ready to sign up for classes? Visit my.mhcc.edu and apply today!