• Amateur Astronomers Photograph the Night Sky with Amazing Results

    At the Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) Planetarium
    November 5 & 8 (6 and 7:15 p.m. for each night)

    Some of our most popular planetarium shows have covered photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope. However, amateur photographers are now taking some images of the night sky that are also breathtaking despite using much smaller telescopes and having to deal with our atmosphere.

    Amateur Astronomers Photograph the Night Sky
    Greg Marshall is the head of the Rose City Astronomers Astro-Imaging Special Interest Group and often helps other members with astrophotography. This image shows the famous Horse Head Nebula with other nearby nebulas in Orion. Photo credit: Greg Marshall

    On Tuesday, November 5 and Friday, November 8, MHCC Planetarium Director Pat Hanrahan will be presenting “Amateur Astronomers Photograph the Night Sky with Amazing Results” with show times at 6 and 7:15 p.m. for each night. He will be showing the work of some of the best amateur astronomers from the local area and from around the world. In addition, he will briefly speak about techniques that you can use to get started in taking nighttime pictures yourself.

    Admission is only $5 for adults. MHCC students (with valid ID) and children 17 and under are $2. All shows are presented under a realistic representation of the night sky, featuring the latest galactic, stellar and planetary images.

    The remaining 2019-2020 MHCC Planetarium schedule is as follows:


    November 5, 8

    Amateur Photographers Photograph the Night Sky with Amazing Results

    December 3, 6

    A Travel Guide to our Moon

    January 7, 10 (2020)

    Latest Pictures Explore Jupiter and its Moons

    February 4, 7 (2020)

    Radio Astronomy Discoveries and Their Immense Instruments

    March 3, 6 (2020)

    Unusual Facts About Galaxies

    Additional shows will be held on:

    • April 7 and 10
    • May 5 and 8
    • June 2 and 5

    All shows for the remainder of the school year are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month and the following Friday.

    For more information about the planetarium, visit mhcc.edu/planetarium. This website also has information for reserving private planetarium showings for groups such as school classes, clubs and other groups. Groups may request special subjects that they wish to have covered.

    It should be noted that the Sky Theater is wheelchair accessible.

    Kevin Morefield is a member of the Rose City Astronomers and captured this picture of the Eagle Nebula (M16) using a 14" amateur telescope. If you look carefully at the center of the image, you will see the "Pillars of Creation" that were made famous by the Hubble Space Telescope. Kevin took this image from a remote location using special narrow-band filters. The total exposure time for this image was 20.5 hours, taken over a number of nights. Photo credit: Kevin Morefield