Academic Advising and Transfer Center

  • What we do

    We offer one-on-one advising sessions to help: Select classes, identify degree requirements, develop long-term educational plans, assist with maximum time-frame appeals, evaluate unofficial transcripts for new students, support students transferring on to a university, and much more…

    Who is your adviser?

    Many students have faculty advisers for their specific programs. However, we can help almost anyone who needs advising assistance. We specialize in the following majors:

    ·      General Studies

    ·      Undecided

    ·      Education

    ·      Pre-Health Professions Programs

    ·      Students preparing to apply for a Limited/Restricted Entry Program

    Feel free to contact us even if you are unsure. We can help get you connected.

    Our team is organized by an alpha-split. The first letter of your last name will determine who your AATC adviser is:


    A-Ce: Calvin Walker: 503-491-7173 |

    Cf-F: Matt Tweedale: 503-491-7145 |

    G-K: David Arguello: 503-491-7418 |

    L-M: Graham Phillips: 503-491-6071 |

    N-Sf: Jennifer Hare: 503-491-7494 |

    Sh-Z: Emma Zwaschka: 503-491-7227 |

    Phone, Email and Video Advising

    In order to follow social distancing guidelines and limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Academic Advising & Transfer Center will be doing all academic advising through email, phone or videoconference.

    We are happy to schedule an appointment for you!

    You can reach our office at:
    Phone: 503-491-7315

    You can also schedule an appointment online through Navigate in a few easy steps:

    1.    Log in to myMHCC 

    2.    Click on “Go to Navigate

    3.    Look for and select the “Appointments” link

    Please include your phone number, student ID number, and details about what you’d like to accomplish during your appointment.  

  • Contact Us

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    Phone: 503-491-7315

    Hours: All College services are being conducted remotely until future notice. Staff will be monitoring and responding to emails and phone calls during regular business hours:
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  • What We Do

    Find out what an Adviser could help you with while you're here at MHCC.

    Degree Requirements

    Knowing the requirements for your degree or certificate will help you complete on time.

    New Students

    Whether you are a new college student, returning from a break in your education, or a transfer student from another college or university find out what steps you need to take to get started.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Save yourself some time and read our frequently asked questions. Chances are you are not alone in wanting to know the answer.

    Transfer Student

    If you are considering transferring to another university or college after MHCC learn what you need to do to prepare for transfer.


    All the resources and services you need for better campus connections.