• Executive Committee Position Descriptions

  • All positions are elected annually by the MHCC-AAWCC Membership, with the exception of the AAUW Liaison, who is appointed by the College President.


    1. Serve as the presiding officer of the organization.
    2. Act as the representative of the organization to the public.
    3. Make appointments if necessary to fill vacancies in offices and on the Executive Committee.
    4. Call special Executive Committee meetings when necessary.
    5. Appoint committees as necessary.
    6. Approve payment of all bills in coordination with President-Elect and VP of Finance.


    1. Preside at meetings in the absence of the President.
    2. Work with campus representatives to coordinate events sponsored by the chapter.
    3. Submit annual and semi-annual operational reports to the National AAWCC's Regional Director: annual report of Elected Officers, annual report of Current Membership, annual Financial Report, and the MHCC Chapter By-Laws, all due September 1st; semi-annual MHCC AAWCC Activity Report, due September 1st and March 1st.
    4. Coordinate OILD (Oregon Institute of Leadership Development) applications and all scholarship application processes for various professional development opportunities.
    5. Approve payment of all bills in coordination with President and VP of Finance.
    6. Perform other duties assigned by the President.
    7. Take notes in absence of VP of Administrative Services.


    1. Coordinate and conduct annual election of officers.
    2. Serve as Campus Contact to AAWCC Oregon Chapter; notify Oregon Chapter officers accordingly upon taking office.
    3. Serve as counsel and back-up to President and President-Elect.
    4. Take notes in absence of VP of Administrative Services / President-Elect.

    VP of Administrative Services – Secretary

    1. Take minutes and attendance, and track action items at MHCC AAWCC Executive and chapter meetings.
    2. Distribute minutes and action items to MHCC AAWCC members through online file sharing (e.g. OneDrive).
    3. Assist President-Elect with Semi-Annual Activity Reports for National AAWCC.
    4. Coordinate all meeting logistics: send out meeting requests; reserve meeting spaces; send meeting reminders; draft and finalize agendas.
    5. Schedule various MHCC AAWCC activities and add to MHCC calendar.

    VP of Finance – Treasurer

    1. Pay all bills of MHCC AAWCC which are authorized by both the President and President-Elect.
    2. Keep an up-to-date and orderly record of funds.
    3. Identify and file all tax forms required by IRS, if requested.
    4. Collaborate with the VP of Membership in carrying out the membership duties and collect all chapter membership dues.
    5. Prepare and maintain the budget for approval by Executive Committee, including an annual report.
    6. Prepare annual Financial Report by July 30th: give copy to President-Elect for National AAWCC, and present at MHCC AAWCC's annual Strategic Planning Retreat.
    7. Coordinate payment of scholarships.

    VP of Membership and Recruitment – Membership Chair

    1. Collect membership forms and keep updated membership list.
    2. Update and distribute membership application forms and membership cards.
    3. Submit annual membership report to State and National AAWCC Vice President for Membership.
    4. Coordinate membership table at quarterly meetings.
    5. Work with the campus community for ongoing membership recruitment.
    6. Support the VP of Finance in collection of membership dues.
    7. Lead membership recruitment campaigns in collaboration with the Executive Committee.

    VP of Chapter Engagement – Campus Contact for State and National AAWCC

    1. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.
    2. Serve as Campus Contact to State AAWCC Chapter.
    3. Coordinate messaging with VP of Web Development & Social Media to establish AAWCC visibility and communication for members.
    4. Assist VP of Membership & Recruitment with membership drive and marketing efforts including Welcome Wagon and special events.
    5. Request and compile newsletter material as received and requested from State and/or National Chapters; forward newsletters to VP of Archives and VP of Web Development & Social Media for posting on local chapter website.
    6. Create marketing materials and press releases as needed; file these documents with the VP of Archives.
    7. Compile, edit and distribute any other communications (such as questionnaires, surveys, ballots, etc.) requested by the President and/or other officers.
    8. Work with Executive Committee and Regional Directors to update and enhance chapter communications.

    VP of Archives

    1. Maintain historical record of all chapter events.
    2. Digitize and save on institutional network drive all chapter resources wherever possible, to eliminate physical and print formats, including: all flyers, handouts, etc.
    3. House physical realia and swag (pins, banner, etc.) in a secure location disclosed to Executive Committee.
    4. Collaborate with VP of Web Development & Social Media to provide content for the chapter’s website
    5. Maintain digital collection of photos.
    6. Collect, organize, and archive all official documents in digital format (e.g., MHCC AAWCC Chapter bylaws, meeting minutes, position descriptions, etc.)

    VP of Web Development & Social Media

    1. Design and maintain MHCC AAWCC Chapter website and social media presence.
    2. Collaborate with VP of Chapter Engagement and Recruitment for marketing and archival efforts.
    3. Communicate with Executive Committee to keep web content current.
    4. Stay abreast of new software options and social media platforms relevant to Chapter’s needs.

    AAUW Liaison
    (Appointed by College President)

    1. Serve as communications conduit between AAUW and MHCC AAWCC regarding issues of interest, events, and organizational updates.