Analytics and Institutional Research (AIR)

  • It’s our goal to help you reach your objectives. Best practices of data driven organizations suggest that a solution based approach, when you come to us with a problem rather than a request for a specific data or a survey, would result in much better results for the whole organization. Ask us to analyze late registration rather than just asking for a success rate of students who register late, ask us to determine employee satisfaction rather than asking for a specific survey. Come to us with your problem, and we will help with a thorough analysis to address your need.

  • How to Get a Service?

    For a complete list of our research findings and to request a service please go to our internal web site at

  • AIR Mission

    The mission of the AIR is to provide a reliable foundation for targeted improvements and compliance of the college through the delivery of information, analysis and research reflective of business processes and outcomes with appropriate level of formatting, timeliness, history, detail and quality.

    AIR Vision

    The vision is to transform AIR team to a Center of Excellence in leveraging information resources to provide leadership, best practices, guidance and support for each area of the college.

    AIR Guiding Principles

    SMART : Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Timely

    CARE : provide ongoing Stakeholder CARE in the form of Communication, Access to information, Recordkeeping, and Education/support.