• Board Policy and Administrative Regulation Process: AR-1080-A

  • Section 1000: College Governance
    Board Policy and Administrative Regulation Process
    Administrative Regulation: AR-1080-A
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval:
    December 11, 2018
    Revised: 2018
    1. Purpose
      1. Describe the process to create, adopt, update or delete college Administrative Regulations or Policies.
    2. Definitions
      1. Administrative Regulations are college-wide internal policies, which outline general operating requirements, standards and processes. President’s Cabinet (PC) approves regulations. Only the president or designee can make exceptions to Administrative Regulations..
      2. Initiators propose a change, deletion, addition or review of a policy or regulation along with a rationale or reasons for the proposal.
      3. Board Policy is a principle to guide action to an outcome. Only the Board of Education may set policy.
      4. Procedures are operational processes to implement an administrative regulation. Procedures often contain specific detailed information. Procedures may be amended by managers as needed.
      5. Sponsors are PC members who lead and own a proposal for their section of policies or regulations.
      6. Stakeholders are persons affected in process change, time, budget, services, expertise, or responsibilities.
    3. Administrative Regulation Approval Process
      1. MHCC employees, community members and students can initiate an administrative regulation review, creation, change or retirement.
              i. MHCC board members can submit feedback or suggestions to the President.
      2. The proposal is routed or submitted to the sponsor (PC Member) accountable for the regulation. If unsure, who the PC member is, proposals can be routed to a department manager to be forwarded.
      3. The sponsor or designee creates a draft version of the regulation collaborating as needed with stakeholders.
      4. The sponsor or designee will utilize the governance council structure to review the draft regulation and obtain additional feedback, making modifications as required. Multiple councils may be engaged as appropriate to ensure proper vetting and communication. Student groups should also be engaged, where applicable, utilizing the Associated Student Government (ASG) structure.
      5. Once a final draft is completed, the draft will be forwarded to the Office of the President to be posted for review and comment by the MHCC Community.
      6. The designee within the Office of the President will post the proposed regulation on the MHCC Intranet, under the Administrative Regulation Review section.
      7. The designee within the Office of the President will send an email to All Staff notifying them that there is a new regulation available for review and solicit any questions, concerns or suggestions.
      8. The proposed policy or regulation will be posted for a period of five workdays, at a minimum.
      9. Feedback or questions will be provided back to the sponsor for consideration.
      10. The sponsor will follow-up on questions and consider all feedback.
      11. If significant changes are made, then the revised regulation will be posted for an additional five working days for any final feedback. This process may be repeated if additional feedback is received which is incorporated into additional changes.
      12. Once finalized, the regulation will be presented to PC by the sponsor for final approval.
              i. The sponsor will recap the review process describing feedback received and considered.
      13. After PC approves, regulations will be posted to the MHCC website.