• Public Records Requests: AR-1120-A

  • Section 1000: College Governance
    Public Records Requests
    Administrative Regulation: AR-1120-A
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 4/19/11

    As stated in Board Policy 1120 and pursuant to Oregon Revised Statues, every person has a right to inspect nonexempt public records. Guidelines and the public records requests form are available on the MHCC website: http://mhcc.edu/PublicRecordsRequests/. There will be a $25 deposit required of all those submitting a public records request.

    Any request for public records is to be forwarded to the Office of College Advancement (OCA).  The employee/department receiving the request will provide OCA with an estimate of the cost for time and materials to fulfill the request.  OCA will determine if:

    1. Records are subject to disclosure under ORS 192.502(9)(b);
    2. Request complies with Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) guidelines;
    3. Request qualifies for a fee waiver or reduction; and
    4. Request needs to be referred for a legal opinion.

    The Office of College Advancement will provide the requesting party with an estimate, in writing, if the cost is expected to exceed $25. Once the Public Records Request form and $25 deposit are received by the OCA, the authorized request will be forwarded to the appropriate College staff member who is familiar enough with the subject matter to locate the record in a reasonable period of time.  In most cases, the College will make every attempt to respond to the request within 21 working days.

    When the material is complete, the requested information will be forwarded to the OCA who will notify the requesting party if there is an additional amount due, over and above the $25 deposit, if any.  Payment will be made by the requester to the OCA prior to receiving the information.  If expenses are less than the $25 deposit, the requester will receive a refund.

    The request form, log and public records provided to the requester will be kept on file in the OCA.