• Official College Web Sites and Domains Regulation: AR-2060-H

  • Section: 2000 General Administration
    Official College Web Sites and Domains Regulation
    Administrative Regulation: AR – 2060 - H

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 1/22/16

    College Web Sites

    MHCC manages and maintains a primary college web site. This provides the ability for various departments and programs to maintain information about their areas. The MHCC web site(s) and its pages must be maintained within ADA compliance, and the college will ensure that consistent marketing and style guidelines are utilized. 

    Official college websites will be hosted on the college web servers and will be managed by MHCC within the Content Management System (CMS) under the www.mhcc.edu domain. Divisions, administrative units, departments and programs are not permitted to host college related websites on private web servers. MHCC will provide and host links to cloud services or non-MHCC web servers if there is an MHCC approved, signed contract for specific college services. No links or information to private web servers will be provided on the college website or other electronic publications. 

    Divisions, administrative units, departments and programs are not permitted to acquire domains outside the www.mhcc.edu domain.

    Only mhcc.edu URLs will be used in communications regarding college information and services. For example, in brochures, mailings, and all print and electronic publications, only mhcc.edu URLs will be advertised.

    The college web site is constantly being updated and improved, and web staff works with various departments to coordinate changes or add new information.    No new links will be provided to non-MHCC web sites.

    This regulation does not apply to education of students in the area of multi-media and web design which requires students to create and maintain individual web sites.  Instructors in this area must ensure that college guidelines, processes and IT security requirements are followed (this may include documented exceptions based on instructional need).

    Instructional-Specific Web References

    MHCC utilizes Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) for the delivery of instructional content for both face-to-face instruction and Online Instruction.  Within the colleges LMS, instructors may direct students to various external sites for instructional purposes.  In those instances, the college does not control, manage or own the content.  These references to external sites for instructional purposes do not fall within the scope of this regulation.  This regulation is not meant to infringe on faculty members academic freedom. 

    Instructional content delivered through the colleges LMS must adhere to the college’s ADA requirements (which may include approved exceptions) and other applicable instructional policies and regulations.