• Grants-In-Aid: AR-3060-A

  • Section: 3000 Fiscal Management
    Administrative Regulation: AR-3060-A
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 4/5/11

    In accordance with Board Policy 3060 Grants-In-Aid, waivers allocated to students based on talent, academic excellence, leadership potential and personal or career development will comply with the following regulations.

    Eligibility Criteria:
    In addition to criteria established in Board Policy (BP) 3060, each co-curricular adviser, academic program director, dean, or coach can establish eligibility criteria specific to their program needs. All established criteria must not be less stringent than those established in BP 3060.

    Distribution of Tuition Waivers:
    The dollar amount available for grants-in-aid will be determined through the College’s annual budgeting process and should be allocated approximately one-third to instruction, athletics and co-curricular programs. Since the selection of students for waivers takes place prior to the finalization of the budget the distribution process will be as follows:

    1. President’s cabinet will commit to a dollar amount for total waivers for the next academic year in a timely manner for the process of making awards to proceed.
    2. President’s cabinet will determine how the total amount available for waivers will be divided among instruction, athletics and co-curricular programs in a timely manner for the process of making awards to proceed.
    3. The Deans will distribute waivers within their respective divisions based on program needs, establish and implement program eligibility criteria and promote opportunities to students during winter term. 

    Allocation of Tuition Waivers:
    The instructional deans, the dean of health, physical education, athletics, aquatics, and recreation (HPEAAR) and the dean of student success will determine the best means for distributing waivers as outlined in operating procedures that they will develop using the following at a minimum: 

    Instructional waivers will be divided among the divisions as determined by the vice president of instruction.  Program eligibility criteria for awarding tuition waivers will be determined by the deans through the establishment of operating procedures and selection guidelines for their respective divisions.  These operating procedures, once developed and approved by president’s cabinet, will be incorporated into these administrative regulations.  Students will apply for instructional waivers through the financial aid office consistent with other MHCC scholarships.

    Athletic waivers will be allocated by the Dean of HPEAAR to each program not to exceed the maximum allowed per sport as outlined in the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges (NWAACC) code book.

    Co-curricular waivers will be allocated by the dean of student success on the basis of program requests after examining current and emerging program needs.

    Waiver Amounts:
    With the approval of the dean, program managers may allocate waivers to students in increments of one (1) but no less than three (3), and no more than fifteen (15) credits can be waived.

    Legal References:

    ORS 341.290 (2)
    ORS 341.485