• Archived Records: AR-3120-A

  • Section 3000: Fiscal Management
    Archived Records
    Administrative Regulation: AR-3120-A
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: Unknown
    Revised: 5/19/00

    Archives include any official record subject to access or likely to be requested for audit reference.  The safeguarding of archived records and the compliance of archive policies is the responsibility of the vice president of administrative services or designee.

    Records will be retained for the period of time consistent with Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 166, Division 450.  Archived records will be considered for destruction at the end of each fiscal year.  (Statutory authority is ORS 341.290 (17), Maintenance and Destruction of School Records.)

    Archives will be stored in a location which is reasonably safe from accidental records destruction.  Such locations will be known and approved by the vice president of administrative services or designee.  Archiving may be achieved by electronic data retention or electronic imaging which is considered a permanent record.  The retention periods set forth in Oregon Administrative Rules 166-450-0000 through 166-450-0125 detail archiving rules for community colleges.