• Veterans 50 Percent Tuition Waiver Benefits: AR-3161-A

  • Section 3000: Fiscal Management
    Veterans 50 Percent Tuition Waiver Benefits
    Administrative Regulation: AR-3161-A
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 05/21/2013
    1. 50 Percent Tuition Waiver
      Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) will provide a 50 percent tuition waiver for a veteran’s first term of enrollment at MHCC.
      1. The tuition waiver applies to students that qualify and are currently receiving educational benefits under:
        1. Montgomery G.I. Bill-Active Duty Chapter 30 (MGIB-AD)* or
        2. Reserve Education Assistance Program Chapter 1607 (REAP)*
        3. Documentation of all qualifications will be required.
    2. Conditions of Waiver: :
      1. This waiver is available to students admitted to a MHCC certificate or Associate degree program only.
      2. It is limited to a maximum 18 credits. 
      3. This waiver covers tuition only for required credited courses. It does not cover fees, books or other expenses incurred by attending classes.
      4. This waiver may not be applied to community education programs or residents living out of state participating in distant learning classes.
      5. Participant must be an Oregon resident as determined by MHCC’s residency policy
    3. Application of Waiver:
      This waiver will be applied in coordination with other forms of financial aid as follows:
      1. This waiver will be applied to any applicable tuition prior to applying any financial aid grants or loans.
      2. Tuition only scholarships will be applied first. Then the amount of tuition up to 50 percent of their total tuition charge, will be waived.
      3. Total benefits may not exceed the total financial aid budget as determined by the MHCC Financial Aid Office.
    Reference: *As defined under 38 U.S. Code.