• AR-4010-E: Priorities: Scheduling Instruction Space

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    Priorities: Scheduling Instruction Space
    Administrative Regulation: AR-4010-E
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 4/23/19
    Revised: 2/19/19
    1. Instructional Services will make every effort to place a course in a general-purpose classroom, but assignment is not guaranteed.
    2. In alignment with best practices for scheduling classes in institutions of higher education, the college will use these standards for classroom scheduling.
      1. No department shall schedule more than 60% of its courses in general purpose classrooms during designated peak time. (See AR-4010-F Standard Meeting Times for peak times.)
      2. If there are more than 60% of classes to be scheduled in general purpose classrooms during peak time(s), the department shall determine which courses are to be associated with that number of hours.
      3. The department has the following options for these excess hour courses:
        1. Change the times to non-peak hours and resubmit by the deadline indicated in the Schedule Production Timeline. Meeting the deadline will ensure the course is included in the Room and Event System (RES) assignment run.
        2. If the department determines pedagogy or other valid reasons require the course must remain in peak time, then the department can seek approval from the Instructional Services for one of these two alternatives:
          (1) Keep in peak time and schedule in a departmental room.
          (2) Keep in peak time and resubmit for assignment in a general- purpose classroom on a lower priority basis.

    References: College Net Users Best Practices