• AR-4010-N: General: Use of Audio/Visual Equipment, Computers, Printers, and Network Capabilities

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    General: Use of Audio/Visual Equipment, Computers, Printers, and Network Capabilities  
    Administrative Regulation: AR-4010-N
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: Nov. 20, 2012

    Recognizing the special risks and benefits of the MHCC Network and access to MHCC computer hardware and software, rental of computer labs will require extra considerations as recommended by the MHCC IT department including approved site supervisors.

    1. All printing and copying done in instructional computer labs for events will be charged at the MHCC Staff rates, based on the meter readings before and after the event.
    2. Event participants’ use of MHCC Computers will require each computer user to read and sign a copy of AR-2060-B: Network, Internet and E-Mail Regulations and submit it to the site supervisor of the event.
    3. No specialized software shall be loaded on MHCC computers for event participants.
    4. At the end of Event- related use of MHCC Computers, the computers will be reset to pre-event configurations and defaults, and all data left on the computers from the activities of the event will be permanently erased.
    5. Rental Rates set for use of computers and audio-visual equipment will include the MHCC staff costs to return the computer(s) to pre-event configuration.
    6. The scheduled use of the room includes seating space and any accessible equipment. Many of the general-purpose classrooms have technology and support equipment permanently installed. Use of the room does not include access to locked equipment or computer and audio-visual equipment unless prearranged. Storage and equipment rooms are not included in the reservation, and entry into these areas is not authorized.  The event requestors will be liable for all damages and/or loss of use of property, regardless of cause.
    7. MHCC Staff who have access to the locked equipment for course usage and support are not authorized to access the locked areas for event usage.
    8. Existing technology or systems may not be opened or modified in any way. Doing so violates College policies and security requirements. Refer to AR 2060.B
    9. Event requests do not serve as work requests for IT support. If an event requires IT equipment set-up/take down, the event requestor must advise the Events Coordinator or Instruction Scheduler. It is the requestor’s responsibility to make arrangements directly with IT and Audio-Visual Services.
    10. It is recommended that requests for IT and A/V support be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. Requests submitted less than 48 hours prior to event cannot be guaranteed.
    11. Normal IT and A/V support hours are 8:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri. If the event extends after these hours, and an IT or A/V technician has not been reserved, no emergency technical response will be available.
    12. IT and Audio Visual Services reserves the right to deny certain equipment requests given the circumstances and/or group especially if it is not a class-related event or an event at which no college personnel are in attendance.
    13. Students are not allowed to schedule equipment. A request must come from the instructor or club advisor who must also be in the classroom or at the event at all times. Equipment is to stay on the issuing campus at all times and is not to be transported between campuses.  The instructor or club advisor will be held responsible for any damaged or lost equipment, including accidents and vandalism. 
    14. IT and Audio-Visual Services do not provide equipment for staff personal use off-site, but may provide equipment at their discretion for on-site personal use events. IT and A/V service may, but is not required to, provide equipment for staff use for off-site college-related events.
    15. Multi-Media equipped room training will be provided by IT and A/V support whenever the room or like room is open. The event requestor is responsible for contacting Audio-Visual Services to arrange a training time suitable for the trainer(s) and trainee(s). For multimedia rooms, there are instructions on each podium specific to that room.