• AR-4010-Q: Additional Custodial and Security Services

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    Additional Custodial and Security Services
    Administrative Regulation: AR-4010-Q
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: Nov. 20, 2012
    1. If needed, based on the expected workload and attendance at the event, groups sponsoring events will use an approved outside contractor for facilities/custodial and security.
      1. The event sponsor will be supplied with an approved vendor list and will be required to provide documentation to ensure that these services have been secured.
        1. Security personnel have to be licensed by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST). 
        2. The private security company must employ a licensed executive manager.
        3. The private security company must provide one certified private security professional on-site for every 10 or fewer crowd management or event staff.
      2. The site supervisor at the event is responsible to determine when the contracted services’ responsibilities are complete. Any unfinished responsibilities left by an event sponsor because the outside contractor did not complete the tasks necessary will be the responsibility of the event sponsor to complete.
        1. The event sponsor will be responsible to pay the contractor for these additional services.
        2. The College will not be responsible for the billing for such contracted services.
        3. Difficulties arising from the use of these services at a specific event may affect the future use of the venue by the event sponsor