• Distribution and Control of Campus Keys: AR-4020-B

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    Distribution and Control of Campus Keys
    Administrative Regulation: AR-4020-B
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 5/21/96
    Revised:8 /11/98
    1. Control and Jurisdiction
      1. The College will establish a key control procedure which provides for persons needing access to College facilities, and which ensures the safety and security of campus property and persons. All College facilities will be keyed in accordance with the College’s master key plan. The director of facilities management is responsible for the development, inventory, issuance, control and enforcement of the key control procedure for the College.
      2. Persons will only be issued keys that are necessary for the performance of their official College duties, and they may only use College keys for the purpose of conducting their official College duties.
    2. Key Issuance
      1. In general, full time and part time employees may be issued keys for their office and other areas unique to the performance of their duties at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC), subject to appropriate approvals. Students, volunteers and others, who have a legitimate need for access to MHCC facilities, may also be issued keys, subject to the appropriate approvals.
      2. Key issuance will be requested via the College’s work order request system. Additionally, an official “Key Authorization Form” must accompany all requests for keys. This form must be fully processed with all appropriate signatures prior to the issuance of any key. Forms are available on the College’s computer network at s:\departments\facilities management\key authorization form.
      3. Keys must be picked up by the person to whom they are issued. Photo ID will be required, and the person must sign an acceptance form which acknowledges their understanding of and agreement with all parts of this key control policy, including the collection procedures for failure to return keys.
      4. Keys may be picked up from Facilities Management during regular business hours.
    3. Access to Secured Areas
      1. Persons requiring access to parts of the campus which are not covered by their issued keys may request access by calling custodial services.  Except for true emergencies (life safety, imminent property damage, etc.) access to areas not covered by the person’s issued keys requires approval of the administrator who is fiscally responsible for the area. This approval will be communicated in writing to public safety in advance of the need for access.