• AR-4020-C: College Office Furnishings and Decorations

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    College Office Furnishings and Decorations
    Administrative Regulation: AR-4020-C
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 6/19/84
    Revised: 5/19/00

    Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) has as its goal to provide each administrator and each full-time faculty member with an office for study and conferences. Although offices can be personalized, they are College offices, not private studies. Offices must be maintained to create a favorable image of the College to the students and the community.

    The College from time to time acquires framed prints and other art works to be displayed in offices. These works will be cataloged and may be checked out of the library. Offices should be decorated within the range of acceptable good taste.

    Personal additions to these basic furnishings and decorations should be minimal and in keeping with the general quality and style of these furnishings and decorations.

    All College offices will be maintained by the College and should not be painted, paneled or otherwise altered without approval of the appropriate dean or area administrator. To avoid unnecessary damage to walls, requests can be made to Facilities Management for installation of proper fixtures for hanging pictures, clocks, calendars, etc.