• District Research and Planning: AR-4080-B

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    District Research and Planning
    Administrative Regulation: AR-4080-B
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 6/19/84
    Revised: 8/11/98

    The Long Range Plan for Facilities and Services will be revised as required by the Oregon Department of Education, or ordered by the president, according to the latest guidelines published by the state department.  Each revision of the long-range plan will be prepared under the general supervision of the president and approved by the Board.  The long-range plan is considered to be a guide for the development of the District but not a set of specifications whose provisions must be strictly followed.

    The Research and Planning Office will maintain a continuing collection of demographic and socioeconomic information regarding the District.  This information will be gathered primarily from existing published sources.  To that end, liaison with appropriate government agencies will be maintained through the director of research and planning.

    The Research and Planning Office will serve as a depository for the reports of all institutional research activities carried on in the District.  Copies of any institutional research studies prepared on student characteristics, institutional functioning, institutional effectiveness or any other aspect of the District’s students, staff or facilities should be submitted through and approved by the director of research and planning.  Priority will be given to research activities affecting District operations or District development.

    The following procedure will be used in respect to nonperiodic questionnaires or other requests for information from sources outside the College.

    1. All questionnaires will be sent to the director of research and planning, who will maintain a record of all questionnaires received and their disposition, including questionnaires not completed and the reasons for the noncompletion.
    2. A file will be created for all questionnaires received.  The questionnaires will be either completed by the director of research and planning or referred to the appropriate administrator.  In the case of referral, the recipient of the questionnaire and the date referred will be recorded in the file along with the date that the questionnaire is due.
    3. Referred questionnaires should be returned to the Research and Planning Office at least 10 days in advance of the submission date.
    4. A copy of the completed questionnaire will be entered into the file along with the date the completed questionnaire was returned to the agency requesting the information.
    5. If the questionnaire contains extensive statistics of financial data about the District, it will be routed to the business and president’s Offices before submission.