• Tobacco Free Environment: AR-5041-A

  • Section 5000: Personnel
    Tobacco Free Environment
    Administrative Regulation: AR-5041-A

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 7/24/96
    Revised: 11/10/98

    The College is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its employees, students, volunteers and visitors and is tobacco-free at all locations as of January 2, 2010.

    Use of any tobacco products (smoking or chewing) is not permitted in classrooms, College facilities, College grounds, vehicles on College property and/or College-owned, rented or leased vehicles on or off any College location. Littering College grounds, tobacco use, advertising, distribution or sale in any form is prohibited.

    Tobacco use is defined as any kind of pipe, cigar, cigarette, bidi, clove cigarette or any other smoking equipment or material or spit tobacco, also known as smokeless, dips, chew or snuff in any form.

    1. Communication of Policy and Regulations
      1. Signage stating Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) is a tobacco-free environment will be posted at all entrances throughout all College locations.
      2. College employees will be advised of the tobacco-free policy and administrative regulation in the new employee orientation packets.
      3. A statement that the College is tobacco free will be printed in all College publications, including the class schedule and student/faculty/staff handbooks, orientation materials, visitors’ guides and campus maps.
      4. The College’s external and Intranet pages will include a link to the tobacco-free policy and administrative regulation.
      5. Students will be advised at the time of enrollment that smoking is not permitted in any College facility or vehicle.
      6. Visitors, vendors and contractors will be advised of the tobacco-free policy with any contractual agreement and/or use of any College-owned or operated facility or equipment.
    2. Compliance
      All College employees, students, visitors, vendors and contractors are required to comply with the tobacco-free policy. The College reserves the right to impose reasonable sanctions, including disciplinary action, upon employees and students who violate this policy. A student will neither be able to register for future classes nor be able to receive an official transcript until the debt is paid. Public safety and employees will assist with enforcement of the Tobacco Free Board policy and administrative regulation, maintain a system for receiving complaints and maintain an appeals and review process.  Enforcement of this policy for employees, students and/or visitors will be as follows:
      1. First violation - written warning citation
      2. Second violation - $15.00 citation
      3. Third violation - disciplinary action
    3. Smoking Cessation Programs
      The College will provide information to employees and students who request assistance to stop smoking or using other tobacco products. An employee assistance program is available for College employees and their dependents.
    4. Public Events
      Visitors, vendors and contractors will be advised on all tender documents and contracts that all College locations are tobacco free.
    5. Advertising
      Tobacco companies may not promote their products through the sponsorship of College events. This includes logos, endorsements, visual displays or other recognizable advertisements. Tobacco advertising at athletic events conducted on College property is prohibited, as is the sale of any type of tobacco at athletic events on College property
    6. Legislative Rules and Regulations
      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA 1992)
      U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (1986)
      Oregon’s Smoke Free Workplace Law
      Oregon’s Public Health Services