• Employment Verification and References: AR-5060-A

  • Section 5000: Personnel
    Employment Verification and References
    Administrative Regulation: AR-5060-A

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 2/21/89
    Revised: 11/10/98
    1. Employment Verification
      Any verification of an employee’s employment at the College will be processed through the Office of Human Resources. Employment verifications for student workers may be processed through the Office of Financial Aid.

      Information given will include only the employee’s dates of employment and job title. The College will only verify salary amounts. Requests for information other than dates of employment, job title or salary verification requires written authorization from the employee.

      Personal information on an employee’s record will not be shared with any other individual(s) unless authorized by the employee. Personal information would be considered W4 status, direct deposit information, W2 information, deductions for insurances, garnishments and levies.

      Exceptions to this regulation are the requirements of federal and/or state tax, child support and garnishment law.
    2. Employment-related References
      College employees may provide work-related references with a signed reference release form from the current or former employee. A College reference is based on substantiated employment-related observations or professional knowledge of the individual. College references may be written on College letterhead with the College-related job title of the reference provider.

      Personal, non-work related references are neither to be implied as a College reference nor written on College letterhead with the College-related title of the reference provider.

      Reference release forms for employees are available through the Human Resources Office and on the College website. Reference release forms for students are available in the various departments.

      Signed release forms and the information provided should be retained by the reference provider.

      Reference providers will follow the appropriate state and federal laws.