• Challenged Library Materials: AR-6160-C

  • Section 6000: Instruction
    Challenged Library Materials

    Administrative Regulation: AR-6160-C

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 1/28/92
    Revised: 8/11/98
    1. Challenged Library Materials
      The Dean of Learning Commons cannot be expected to read every book or preview all materials before ordering them for the Library. The dean will rely, in most cases, on judgments of the staff and others, particularly as published by the American Library Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, the National Council for the Social Studies and other comparable organizations.

      The following procedure will be used for the review of Library Resource Center materials that have been challenged:

      1. The complainant(s) will be supplied with a standard printed form which must be filled out before consideration can be given. The form is entitled Request for Reconsideration of Library Resource Center Materials. Criticism will be in writing, indicating author, title, publisher, page number(s) of items to which objection is made and reason for objections. The form must be signed by the person or persons making the objections;
      2. The dean will consider the objections and respond to the complainant(s) in writing within 10 working days;
      3. If the complainant(s) is not satisfied with the review by the director, the complaint will be referred to a review committee composed of one librarian, one faculty member, one president’s cabinet member and one student. All members will be appointed by the president. The president will appoint one member to serve as chairperson of the review committee.

        The review of questioned material will be treated objectively. The best interests of the students, the community and the College will be paramount considerations. The review committee will forward a report of its action to the president’s team within one month of the referral date.

        The committee may recommend that the questioned material be:(a) retained without restriction; or (b) not retained.

        The president will forward the committee findings to the MHCC District Board of Education with or without a recommendation as deemed necessary. The decision of the Board will be final and will be reported to the complainant.