• Management of the College Art Collection: AR-6160-D

  • Section 6000: Instruction
    Management of the College Art Collection

    Administrative Regulation: AR-6160-D

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 4/5/94
    Revised: 8/11/98
    1. Purpose
      1. To provide the opportunity for the College community and public to be surrounded by artworks of high quality, which will broaden their awareness of historical and contemporary art practices.
      2. To integrate art into all campus communities and to affirm the relevance of the arts to all fields of endeavor.
      3. To encourage the development of a sense of collective cultural purpose among the college community.
    2. Goals
      1. To circulate the current holdings of art within the College.
      2. To develop the collection to the point where it is able to play an effective role in the intellectual and cultural development of the college community and general public.
    3. Collection Management
      1. Each work in the College art collection will fall into one of two categories: permanent collection and circulating collection. Responsibility for both collections lies with the library under the direction of the dean of the learning commons. Permanent collection items include artworks hanging in the president’s area and artworks secured on the grounds or buildings of Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC). All the rest is part of the circulating collection.
      2. The library has the responsibility to preserve and document the collection and all other items in its care.
      3. The collection will be recorded in the automated library system and each artwork will be assigned a unique accession number.
      4. When acquiring artworks, the library will give due consideration to the resources required to house and maintain these acquisitions.
      5. An inventory of the entire collection will be undertaken once every five years.
    4. Acquisition and Disposition
      1. Methods of acquiring art works for MHCC will include, but not be limited to:
        1. Bequests or donations as accepted by the Foundation board or the president of MHCC.
        2. Purchases of art works from artists, dealers or galleries. An artwork will not be accepted into the art collections of MHCC if the artwork has any restrictions or limitations imposed on it.
    5. Loans
      1. The library has the authority to loan items from the MHCC art collection. The collection will be given prominence through display on the College campuses. Each loaned artwork will be displayed in an aesthetically pleasing and appropriate context which maximizes its accessibility and enhances public enjoyment and education. Each work should be displayed in a manner which gives due recognition to the artist’s intent.
    6. Procedures
      1. College staff will be invited to view pieces from the collection at periodic times each year.
      2. Each artwork will be tracked within the automated library system.
      3. The library will coordinate with the facilities department to transport and hang the art work.
    7. Record Keeping
      1. The library will keep an accurate and current inventory of all items in the art collection and will recommend procedures to preserve and protect the artworks.
    8. Insurance
      1. A current record of all artworks will be provided annually or whenever artworks are added or deaccessioned.
    9. Selection of Sites
      1. MHCC faculty and staff will be able to select an item or item or items from the circulating collection to be hung in their offices for a period of time (up to three years).
      2. The facilities department is responsible for installing each artwork. No person will move any artwork from the MHCC collection without giving prior notice and receiving permission from the library.
      3. The borrower will be responsible to notify the library immediately if an artwork(s) needs to be removed, cleaned, repaired or becomes lost or stolen.