• Deaccessioning of Artwork: AR-6160-E

  • Section 6000: Instruction
    Deaccessioning of Artwork

    Administrative Regulation: AR-6160-E

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 1/9/01
    Revised: 4/10/01

    Deaccessioning is a procedure for the withdrawal of an artwork from public exhibition through disposition. Disposition may include planned destruction, disposal or storage. Most artworks are acquired by MHCC through a thorough review process based on the quality and value of the artwork and worthiness of exhibition at the College.

    Deaccessioning should be considered only after five years have elapsed from the date of acceptance and/or installation of an artwork. Deaccessioning should be cautiously applied after a careful and impartial evaluation of the artwork within the context of the current circumstances including but not limited to the present venue, condition, safety and current worthiness of the exhibit.

    The procedure regarding deaccessioning applies to all artworks owned by MHCC whether obtained by acquisition, acknowledged donation, gift acceptance or any other method. Deaccessioning instructions should be part of the original arrangement and understanding regarding artworks loaned, willed or bequeathed to MHCC.

    At a minimum of once every five (5) years, the library, with assistance from visual arts and the risk management officer, will review the artwork collection.

    1. Artworks in the MHCC collection may be deaccessioned for any of the following reasons:
      1. Lack of a suitable display site.
      2. Condition or security of the artwork cannot be reasonably guaranteed.
      3. Artwork has been damaged and repair is impractical or unfeasible.
      4. Artwork endangers public safety.
      5. Significant changes in the use, character or actual design of the site require a re-evaluation of the relationship of the artwork to the site.
      6. Artwork has been determined to be significantly inferior in quality relative to the quality of other works in the collection.
      7. The artwork requires excessive maintenance or has faults of design or workmanship.
    2. For artworks approved for deaccession, the following actions will be taken:
      1. Sale or Trade in accordance with Excess and Surplus Property disposal policy:
        1. Artist will be given first option to purchase or trade artwork.
        2. Sale may be through auction, direct bidding, or sealed bids.
        3. Trade with artist, gallery, museum or other institutions.
      2. No works of art will be sold or traded to an MHCC officer, staff, or employee unless the transaction is a result of auction, bidding or sealed bids.
      3. Proceeds of all sales will be returned to the general fund.
      4. If MHCC is unable to dispose of the artwork in a manner outlined above, the artwork will be disposed of as the College sees fit.