• Field Trips: AR-6200-D

  • Section 6000: Instruction
    Field Trips

    Administrative Regulation: AR-6200-D

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 8/27/92
    Revised: 8/11/98

    Field trips are encouraged when they contribute to the learning experience in a manner that cannot be achieved on campus with campus facilities.

    Field trips should be scheduled at least two weeks prior to their occurrence through the area dean to assure that funds are available. Involved students will be informed upon approval of the request. If the field trip is a course requirement, students will be informed through the course syllabus.

    When schedule conflicts occur because of a field trip, the student should notify the instructor of the class to be missed, of the field trip plans and in cooperation with that instructor, make arrangements for completing the missed work.

    In case of class schedule conflicts, students will not be penalized for missing the class or field trip, whichever the case may be. No field trip will be scheduled during the final examination periods without the approval of the dean. 

    Instructors are expected to make every effort to make it possible for students to attend field trips scheduled by other MHCC staff.

    Any staff person planning a field trip will submit a travel request form to the area dean. This should be delivered to the area dean at least two weeks prior to the field trip.

    College transportation is to be used when available. Private vehicles of staff members are not to be used for transporting students. No instructor will assign any student to ride in a private vehicle.

    Only College-approved licensed drivers who have completed College van training will be permitted to drive College vehicles.

    The requesting staff member must accompany the students on any field trip.

    There is no insurance coverage by the College if a student uses one’s own vehicle to transport oneself or others.

    For field trips which include an overnight stay, the instructor will inform the students as to the end of the class experience; otherwise, it is assumed that class includes time from arrival at site until departure.