• Responsibilities Regarding Campus Media Programs: AR-7020-J

  • Section 7000: Students
    Responsibilities Regarding Campus Media Programs
    Administrative Regulation: AR-7020-J

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 6/27/95
    Revised: 8/11/98

    Student media editors and station managers are expected to encourage high standards in writing and format while producing student publications and broadcasts. Materials submitted for publication or broadcast by others must be reproduced accurately and responsibly. It is important to ensure that printed or broadcast materials provide the MHCC community and the public with a representative range and balance of perspectives. Editors and station managers are free to express personal views and editorial freedom consistent with the rights of other MHCC students. Editors and station managers should consult frequently with their respective advisers to assure consistency with MHCC student media board guidelines.

    Advisers to student leaders are responsible for seeing that student media programs conform to approved guidelines and applicable laws.

    The vice president of student success and enrollment management is administratively responsible for the student publications program and the appropriate dean is administratively responsible for the media program operating within their divisions. Advisers of student leaders are responsible to their respective deans.

    New media organizations may be created with the approval of the vice president of student success and enrollment management.