• Academic Advising: AR-7120-A

  • Section 7000: Students
    Academic Advising
    Administrative Regulation: AR-7120-A
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 3/5/96
    Revised: 8/11/98

    Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) utilizes a shared system for the delivery of advising services to its students. This organizational structure is where some advisers meet with students in a central administrative unit (i.e., academic advising & transfer center), while others advise students in an academic department of their major discipline (i.e., academic divisions at MHCC).

    1. All enrolled students will have an assigned adviser. Advising will be made available to all matriculated students in general academic and career / technical programs, as well as career planning and counseling.
    2. Accurate and current information will be posted and maintained on the College’s advising website.
    3. Professional development and adviser training opportunities will be provided for all professional and faculty academic advisers.
    4. Funding and resources will be adequately maintained by all administrative units to ensure effective and efficient advising at all levels.
    5. All advising programs will be assessed and reviewed annually.
    6. An assessment of department or program advising will be a part of the regular program review process.
    7. Students on academic warning, probation and suspension must be advised each term.
    8. All students will be informed of the College’s advising policies and procedures and be directed to an appropriate adviser; and because of the advising needs of students and faculty in specialized departments, the autonomy of each unit will be respected and supported as the maximum degree of cooperation and coordination is sought.