• Memorial and Recognition Guidelines: AR-8020-C

  • Section 8000: District-Community Relations
    Memorial and Recognition Guidelines
    Administrative Regulation: AR-8020-C

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 4/2/01
    Revised: 7/31/07
    1. Eligibility
      Any person may request to have a memorial placed on campus, including employees, students, community member and families and friends of employees, students and the community.
    2. Criteria
      1. A memorial location is designated by the College.
      2. The memorial area will consist of engraved bricks. The memorial bricks must be uniform. Determination of the type, size, placement and appropriateness is at the sole discretion of the College as outlined in these guidelines.
      3. Buildings, streets, rooms, or other facilities may only be named as memorials at the sole discretion of the MHCC District Board of Education.
    3. Procedure
      1. Individuals may purchase a memorial brick to be placed in the remembrance garden by submitting their request on a standard form to Facilities Management.
      2. Facilities Management will place the memorial brick in the remembrance garden.
    4. Maintenance / Damage / Loss / Modification
      1. Memorials will be maintained, repaired, or replaced by district funds.
      2. The College reserves the right to relocate, modify or remove any memorial when the best interests of the College would be served by such action. Decisions to relocate, modify or remove a memorial will be made by president’s cabinet.
      3. If a memorial is relocated, modified or removed, facilities management will make a reasonable attempt to notify the original submitter of such action.
    5. Memorial Scholarships
      Individuals who wish to donate to the MHCC Foundation Scholarship Fund in remembrance of an individual may do so by notifying the MHCC Foundation Office.