• Social Media: AR-8030

  • Section 8000: District-Community Relations
    Social Media Regulation
    Administrative Regulation: AR8030

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 2/10/17


    The purposes of this policy are to (1) ensure that individuals or organizations are not solicited for charitable contributions at the same time by different College representatives, including employees, students and volunteers and (2) enhance fundraising efforts.

    1. Social Media is defined as any form of electronic communication primarily distributed via the internet through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content.
    2. Students who voice complaints about specific faculty or staff on social media sites that are under the college’s control are to be referred to the complaint processes outlined in the collective bargaining agreements.
    3. Social Networking is defined as the creation and maintenance of online personal and business interactive relations.
    4. Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) recognizes social media and social networking as a viable and effective channel for engaging with our community, including both internal and external individuals and groups.
    5. Official representation of MHCC on any social media site will present a uniform and consistent message and identity to our community.
    6. Any social networking site that wishes to represent MHCC is subject to review by MHCC’s District Communications office. Concerns identified will be escalated to the site owner and the corresponding manager or dean for correction.
    7. Negative posts that identify a college employee by name on a social media site that is under control of the college will be removed in a timely manner. To the extent possible, the college will ensure social media sites comply with all collective bargaining agreements.
    8. Individuals interested in creating social media accounts associated with the college must notify District Communications and provide a link to their site as well as contact information for the site manager. Where possible, the account should be associated with or linked to an existing MHCC social media site.
    9. Individuals maintaining social media accounts on behalf of their program, department, group or event must contact District Communications and go through a training/informational session before making their site open to the public. 
    10. Individuals maintaining social media accounts on behalf of their program, department, group or event must ensure that:
      1. The site is kept current. Timely responses are to be provided and content is updated often and is relevant.
      2. The site adheres to the policies outlined in this regulation, including the removal of negative posts that identify a college employee by name.
    11. It is the responsibility of department managers or program owners to ensure that social media sites which are no longer maintained are deactivated in a timely manner. Upon deactivation of a social media site, notification will be given to the District Communications office. 


    The College’s purpose for using social media is to support MHCC’s vision, mission, values and core themes. MHCC’s official presence on the Web via social media is a link to the communities we serve and with whom we engage, and a consistent and coherent presence on social media will be managed by the MHCC DC office. In conjunction with this policy and its associated regulations, any other MHCC policy or regulation that applies to communication via paper or electronic media will also apply to the use of social media.