• Mt Hood Community College Board of Education Votes to Provide Immediate Tuition Relief to Students for Fall

    I n an effort to help offset the growing costs related to higher education, the Mt. Hood Community College Board of Education voted Wednesday September 9, 2015 to reduce the cost of tuition at MHCC by $1.50 per credit hour. This reduction will take place beginning this fall, 2015, and would save the typical full-time MHCC student about $20 per quarter.

    Additionally, the board also voted to enact a tuition pledge program. This program will maintain the now-reduced tuition rate of $94 per credit hour for up to the next four years for students who have enrolled this fall, stay enrolled through the length of the program and maintain certain criteria. In this manner, students will now be able to consistently budget out the costs while completing their higher education goals at MHCC, without worrying about rising tuition.

    "The MHCC Board of Education believes that one of the biggest hurdles for students is the rising cost of tuition," said MHCC Board Chair Susie Jones. "More than half of our students require financial aid to attend college, and a large group is also working full or part-time jobs while attending. We need to do everything we can to help these student populations finish their degrees and advance in their higher education and career plans."

    The tuition savings were possible in part by the college administration enacting cost savings measures, as well as an increase in support from the State of Oregon. Both the tuition reduction and pledge go into effect immediately, beginning with the Fall, 2015 quarter. Students who have already paid for their fall tuition will be refunded the difference. Complete details about the programs will be posted by on the college's website by the start of the fall quarter.

    There is still time to register for the Fall, 2015 quarter at Mt. Hood Community College, which starts Monday, September 21. Registration information and the fall schedule of classes can be found online at www.mhcc.edu or call 503-491-7393 .